Monday, 19 March 2018

Back to Basics; Wardrobe Essentials

Hi everyone,
Welcome back to my latest blog post - all about wardrobe essentials. I recently had a poll over on my Instagram page asking what post you would like to see next. Wardrobe essentials was the most popular choice so here it is!
Building a wardrobe is fun. Making it your own and building your personal style and learning what works and does not is all part of it. A solid foundation of wardrobe 'must-haves' or 'essentials' are important for everyone. I touched on this in my wardrobe clear out post but today I want to talk more in depth about these 'essentials'.

1: Jeans (Black and denim)

Jeans, jeans, jeans. Where do I start? They have been around for a long time and they are going to be here for even longer! I would say that jeans are my number one wardrobe item that I wear every day or every other day. Perfect for day and night, can be dressed up and down and are very flattering. Finding a style that suits you is worth it in the long run. My personal favourite: the skinny jean. Favourite stores: Penneys, Pull and Bear, River Island.

2: Blazers

Blazers are a classic, chic and affordable addition to your wardrobe that can literally dress up your outfit in an instant. Nude, black, grey and cream are the basics that will carry you through the year no matter what the season. Team them with jeans, over dresses and skirts, or over shorts and a t-shirt during the Summer. So versatile, so chic and affordable if you shop around. 
My favourite stores for blazers: Zara,

3: T-shirts (in a variety of colours)

Yes, it is as simple as that! T-shirts. I remember reading an article written by Lauren Conrad years ago about t-shirts and how important such a small item is in your wardrobe. I did not think too much about it back then but now, I understand. White, black, grey and blue are my favourites. Team with jeans and a blazer, tucked into a leather skirt, under a denim jacket, the list is endless. I recommend investing in quality t shirts that will last, won't turn grey after one wash and won't lose shape after two wears. My favourite store to buy them from is Zara

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4: A Quality Coat

Whether it is grey, black, camel or beige, a good quality, decent coat is your best friend year round and is one that will stay with you for years. Effortless styles such as trench coats or A line button-up coats are popular for a reason. They add an instant sense of 'chic' to your outfit and can really dress you up. Zara, New Look and Penneys carry these throughout the year and can be as affordable as you like.

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Thank you for reading and I hope you picked up some wardrobe tips! Remember, keep it simple, buy smartly and look for quality over quantity!

Leah x


  1. Blazers and a good coat are for sure my essentials!

    Lotte |