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Tackling the Wardrobe Clearout

Hey everyone,

That time of year again! Spring cleaning, wardrobe clear outs, freshening up your wardrobe staples and dusting off the pastels. There is no better feeling than a fresh, clean and down sized wardrobe of items that you genuinely like and use (with a little bit of space for new purchases of course). However, is it ever that easy to just 'clear' the wardrobe out? I think not.

Holding on to that dress 'just incase', keeping all 9 pairs of jeans because you've built up a collection over the years or keeping all of the nice tops that you might wear if you possible go somewhere. All of these thoughts and excuses creep in when it comes to clearing out and often leave us with the same wardrobe we started with. Not anymore!

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In this blog, I am going to share some tips that I find helpful when it comes to clearing out my wardrobe and what exactly I do with my old clothes. It can be a very rewarding process and one that some find therapeutic. Personally, I dedicate a day or a good chunk of the day to this job and set out with the intention of filling at least one large plastic bag. This takes us to tip number one; set a goal.

1. Set a goal: Whether it is how many bags you want to fill, how many drawers you want to have empty as storage or a particular area you want to totally revamp, set yourself a goal you want to have achieved by the end of the day/period of time that you do the clear out.

2. The one year rule: The old reliable rule. Honestly, if you haven't worn something in a year (or four) then it is time to go. It is likely that you won't be wearing it any time soon and certainly not within the next year.

3. Keep it basic:  When it comes to wardrobe basics and staple items such as denim jeans, black skinny jeans, white/black/grey tees, blazers and coats, keep the amount you have low but of good quality. I suppose you could say quality over quantity in this case. It is far better to have two decent white t-shirts of good quality than buying a new one every other week for €1.50 that will be grey pretty soon and just take up space when you buy a new one. The same goes for denims and blazers. The fact that you have less will naturally lead to a neater wardrobe with minimal clutter.

4. Ask a friend/family member: Another good idea is to ask a friend or family member to help you with the most difficult decisions. For me, my mum is the person I go to and can trust her opinion in whether something needs to stay or go. Be prepared for some advice or decisions that you might not expect though haha!

5. Would I really buy this again?: Two questions I have found asking myself in past clear outs are 1: 'why on Earth did I buy this?' and 2: 'if I saw this on sale today would I buy it again?'. If the answer is no then say good bye! Too much money is spent on 'bargains' that we really only buy because  they are on sale. Remember this the next time you see a €5 skirt or half price pair of shoes that you really do not need.
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If you have made it past the clear out stage and are left with a few bags of clothes, well done! There are so many things you can do with old clothing instead of just dumping.

1. Set up a Depop account and sell any pieces that still have tags or are in pristine condition.
2. Donate to charity shop.
3. Donate to a clothing bank.
4. Pass them on to family members (youngest of four children in my family haha)
5. Have your bags weighed and receive money per kilo in certain Buy and Sell businesses

I hope this post has inspired some of you and that feel ready to tackle your wardrobes!

Thank you so much for reading and happy Spring cleaning!

Leah x

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