Saturday, 11 February 2017

My Trip to Vincents

Hi everyone,

Welcome back to another blog post from Ireland! The New Zealand adventure has come to an end-for now- I really can't wait to go back sometime in the near future. It was truly an amazing trip that I will never forget.

Since coming home I have started a new job and continued with new and exciting blogging oppurtunities. One of which was an invitation into the new St. Vincent de Paul charity store in Ennis, Co. Clare. SVP have been located in Ennis for years but they moved premises last month to a brand new, modern and spacious location. I was delighted to be asked to help with the official launch of the store a few weeks ago and wanted to share with you all what exactly it looks like, what you can buy and why it is so important to support local, charity shops.

Located in the centre of town, Vincents is in the perfect location for daily or weekly shoppers to pop in and have a browse. I did exactly this last week and was so impressed at the beautiful and bright new building. The inside is well-layed out and each section i.e, ladies, kids, homewares, books, music and accessories are all clearly labelled to ensure easy navigation around the shop and to let you know what is on offer.

I was so impressed at the stock that was available. I picked up a brand new denim jacket from H&M for just €2.50- ridiculously good value! I also picked up some books to add to my ever-growing library at home.  As donations are dropped off every day, you never know what you might come across and so it is well worth a little trip in to see what is on offer. The best thing about it? The money you pay goes towards the SVP charity which is such a worthy cause and well known throughout Ireland.

My advice? Take the time on your next shopping trip to pay a visit to the SVP store, or any charity shop nearby, as you may come across an absolute gem (like my denim jacket) for yourself or someone you know! It is well worth it!

Have a great weekend everyone,
Leah x

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