Sunday, 1 January 2017

My Last Minute Trip to New Zealand

Happy New Year!

As I write this it is officially 2017 in New Zealand and not far off it at home in Ireland! Yes, I did say New Zealand and judging by the title of this blog you can probably tell that this wasn't a planned adventure.

Last Tuesday morning I booked flights to New Zealand to see my sister and twenty-four hours later I was on my first of five airplanes to the North Island. This meant I had a day to get ready, pack and prepare myself for the journey which was madness but I loved it! After a very long and tiring thirty-eight hour journey, I found myself in Havelock North soaking up the sun and still contacting friends who did not know about my departure haha

I flew from Shannon to Heathrow to Hong Kong to Auckland to Napier- what a mouthful but to say it was worth it is an understatement! Two days down and I love this place and all I have seen so far. I am going to share a little bit of what I see and experience here on the blog and answer some of the questions I have been asked so far!

Day one and two consisted of catching up with sleep but also exploring the local village, Havelock North.

We are blessed with the weather as it is Summer time here in New Zealand. It is between 25 and 30 degrees each day with blue skies; a far cry from Wintery Ireland at the moment.

I visited a local winery yesterday caked Abbey Cellars. As New Zealand is famous for its wines, there are over 100 wineries nearby. There was a cool, relaxed and summery atmosphere here it was lovely.

Shorts in December - There is a first for everything!

Later on we went to Te Mata Peak which is a beautiful mountainous area that, when you reach the peak, allows you to view Hawke's Bay and the coast. It was spectacular at the top!

Gorgeous views!

Spot the Rose:

Those skies are incredible!

One question that has popped up a lot is how long my journey was and the answer is 38 hours between plane journeys and stop overs. I have also been asked a few questions about what to do on long haul flights and how to pack for a long trip like this so I plan on writing about those areas when I get home. 
You can keep up with the trip daily on my Snapchat- styleah - and on Instagram - style_ie . 
So far so so so good! I will document as much as I can while I am here and when I return but for now, Happy New Year to one and all and may 2017 be a happy and healthy one for you all!

Leah x

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