Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Exploring New Zealand

Good afternoon from sunny New Zealand! 

I am almost over my jet lag although I still find myself yawning at 1 and 2 o clock in the day! Five days into the trip and I have done and seen a whole lot which I am very thankful for! I am staying in Havelock North which is located on the East Coast of the North Island and a one hour plane journey from Auckland. It is very close to the beach (pictured below) which is just perfect!

Ocean Beach

We visited Ocean Beach on New Year's Day and I have to say it was strange going to the beach in Summer clothes on NYD as I am so used to cold and Wintery evenings at home. Nonetheless, I ventured out there for the evening and it was fabulous, as you can see: 

Standard sand picture!

We also visited The Strawberry Patch which is, as the name suggests, a field of strawberries that you can pick. There is also an ice-cream shop and mini cafe who use the produce grown in the strawberry fields. The patches stretched back quite far and there plenty to choose from:

Once you filled your bucket, it was weighed and you payed for your produce as well as getting a freshly made strawberry ice-cream- that are delicious! 
Delighted with life!
On Wednesday I took a trip to Birdwoods which is a cute cafe come restaurant styled place which also has an old-fashioned sweet shop and a huge back garden used to seat guests.The owners live next door to the establishment so we really were sitting in their back garden! The weather was beautiful the day I went here so I tested the ice tea which was bliss in the heat!

Owner's garden and seating area for guests

The cutest sweetshop 


This is just a taster of what was available inside the cute little house!
Weather wise we are very lucky despite an overcast day yesterday (Tuesday). Blue skies and temperatures between 25-30 degrees each day are what we deal with!

Getting over the jet-lag has not been as difficult as I had initially thought. I drank plenty of water throughout the journey from Ireland and continue to do so here which has definitely helped. The first three nights here I had to drag myself out in the evenings until 8pm before going to bed and did not nap during the day. If I had it would have been harder to fall asleep at night and I would not get a full nights sleep either. I have also been excising most days with runs in the local park and nature trails as well as swims in the Village Pool.

So far so good! I hope you enjoyed these little update post and reading up on the different things that I have been doing!
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Until next time,
Leah x

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