Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Cape Kidnappers, Beaches and a Gannet Colony!

 Hi everyone,

Greetings from a very hot Havelock North! Yesterday reached 32 degrees which was the hottest day I have experienced here so far. Apparently it is freezing at home and temperatures have gone to minus 1 and 2? Such a vast difference!

 In today's post I will be sharing my trip to Cape Kidnappers with you all. Last Sunday, we packed up and headed to the Cape for the day and it has been one of my favourite places so far. Cape Kidnappers is a prestigious golf course in New Zealand that includes a course, lodges, owner's residences, a kiwi tour, private beach and a huge farm located on a cliff edge some twenty five minutes from where I am staying.

View from afar

We had a very bumpy journey to get to the beach as it was mainly downhill through rough, rocky terrain that is not travelled upon frequently. However I have no complaints about the journey as the views were spectacular all the way down as well as the beach itself!

This is a private beach that members/residents of the course can use so, for the first time ever, we had the entire beach to ourselves which was very cool! Although temperatures were not as high as they are now, it was still a beautiful day and as the pictures illustrate, blue skies all round!

My attire for the day:

White and blue chic

And now I introduce you to a Gannet Colony! To be honest, I did not know too much about these
birds until I saw them myself. 

Literally hundreds of them all gathered along this coastal edge as well as on the large rocks that are detached from the mainland. It was strange walking up to them as there were so many and they absolutely stank! haha In the Summertime, they gather and colonise here in the Cape which is a major tourist attraction.

This weekend we are going on a road trip to three new towns on the islands. Taupo, Rotorua and Tauranga which I am so excited for!

Hoping you are all having a great week!

Leah x

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