Tuesday, 27 December 2016

S K I N : Updated Skincare Products

Hi everyone,

Welcome back to another SKIN post on the blog. My first ever skincare blog, which I posted last November, has been getting a lot of attention recently and the views on that post are higher than ever!
Maybe it is the time of year and people are looking for product recommendations or tips for your skin over Christmas.  Either way, thank you so much for reading and interacting with it. Here is a link to the post: http://styleah.blogspot.ie/2015/11/s-k-i-n.html

With this in mind, I have decided to write an updated skincare blog and tell you all about the products I have been using lately and what I find helpful in keeping my skin healthy and somewhat clear (with the occasional breakout making a guest appearance haha).

You may remember this picture I posted of my skin at a bad time:

Since this picture, I have tried and tested many products and have finally found a routine that works for me and helps keep breakouts like the ones above at bay! 

Here is what I am currently using. Most are available from Boots and some are available from the Body Shop so it is a relatively inexpensive routine that I have developed. Although these products work for me and do not cause breakouts, this might not be the case for everyone but I wanted to share them and my ideas with everyone :)

To remove makeup:

Cailyn Dissolv'It Balm:
This is a gem in a pot! Simply rub the balm on your face to remove makeup. Once the heat form your skin meets the balm it turns into an oil like consistency which is easily washed off. Simple as that! IT is not enough to just remove your makeup and assume your skin is clean. You have removed a layer of makeup off yes, but now the layer of skin is exposed and has yet to be cleaned. Please please do not use makeup wipes to remove makeup from your skin This is possibly the worst thing you could be doing for it as I have been told by a dermatologist and makeup artist before.

Next step: Cleanse the skin

One of the best cleansers I have used in a long time and priced at €6, it ticks all the boxes. It contains micro beads which gently exfoliate the skin and remove impurities. This suits oily skin especially!

Every third night I use a mask to draw out any congestion and excess oil. Lately I have been loving this Neutrogena product which doubles as a face wash and mask. Similar to the cleanser above, this is €6 from Boots.

After cleansing, I apply two drops of The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Daily Solution to areas of my skin that are scarred and congested from previous breakouts and areas of post-acne stains. Gently rub the solution into affected areas and let it dry before moisturizing. This was slightly more expensive t €19.95 but a little goes a long way and you will have this bottle for a long time.


A key step in your skincare routine is moisturizing. I keep it very simple with this Boots Simply Sensitive Moisturizer which is fragrance free. This is only €3 from Boots.

At night:

I remove makeup, cleanse, moisturize and apply The Body Shop Night Time Lotion which is another product from the Tea Tree range. It is a gentle lotion that is applied to areas prone to excess oil and breakouts to treat and sooth the area. This was €15.
If I have a spot or breakout I always reach for Sudocrem as well. This is my best friend when it comes to my skin and I cannot recommend it enough! It costs around €2.50.


There you have it! My updated and current skincare routine. It might seem complicated with all of the products and the different ones for day and night but once you get into a routine of using them everyday, it happens automatically!

If you do not have one already, I recommend starting a skincare routine that suits and works for you. Make it your New Years Resolution! You will be thankful in the long run!

Best wishes,
Leah x

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