Saturday, 17 September 2016

The Rose of Tralee Part Two: Behind the Scenes Beauty

Hello everyone!

We're back with 'Part Two' of my Rose of Tralee series! I have decided to blog about different aspects of the Rose of Tralee experience which was both vast and amazing as one post would not do it justice.
After receiving great feedback from many of you about Part One: Style, I was so excited to start the next part; behind the scenes beauty!

Matching Makeup Bags from Penneys

 As I have mentioned before, we had a jam-packed and grueling schedule from day one which meant we would be gone from 9am some days and would not return until 10pm that evening. It became the norm for us and our days were fast-paced and brilliant. As a result, we became professionals in fashion and beauty and having to be camera-ready very early each day no matter how tired we were- 5.30am being the earliest start!

 It was not until I came home after the whole experience that I realised how much we did, what we put ourselves through each day and how we all managed to stay calm, cool and collected whatever the weather (or time of day;) in that two weeks.
The main inspiration for this post is the group chat between the 65 Roses and the beauty/makeup tips and tricks that have been shared over the past month which I personally found so helpful!

However, it was not all glamour and makeup I can assure you! At the end of each day, we had very sore feet, blisters, tired eyes, makeup half on half off, broken nails and dry skin to name but a few! As a result of this, I have compiled different lists for you all based on the most used beauty items, makeup products and surprise bits and bobs that helped us and that we needed the most- thank you to the escorts for having pretty much a makeup bag stuck to them everyday!
Big shoutout to the Roses for participating in my research ;)

Most used beauty products:
Urban Decay Setting Spray- Keeping that fresh-faced makeup on all day
Face masks- after long days, our skin needed TLC
Makeup wipes- for makeup removal and maintaining those white sashes!
Coconut Oil- As a makeup remover
Elixir Hair Oil- Styling hair everyday means treating it every night
Deoderant-enough said!
Sudocrem for spots and breakouts

Most used makeup products:
Under-eye concealer to brighten the tired eyes- no explanation needed
Setting powder to take away from shiny/oily skin
Fake eyelashes
Mascara to open the eye
Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation

Safety pins
Throat lozenges/ Throat spray
Foot soaks and epsom salts for sore feet
Extra pillows to put under our feet at night
Vitamins to ward off illness
Gel insoles and heel protectors for pesky blisters
Double-sided sticky tape for dresses and sashes

There you have it! A look inside the very glamorous makeup and beauty bag of a Rose in Tralee. Some obvious things and some not so obvious. Personally, I brought a whole load of things that I did not need and missed a few of the essentials- who forgets makeup wipes? :)

Hoping you enjoyed this blog post and pick up some tips and tricks!

Leah xx

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