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The Rose of Tralee Part One: Style

Hi everyone,

Three weeks after returning home from what was easily the best experience of my life so far, I have decided to blog about The Rose of Tralee. Instead of doing one long post that includes everything from the journey, the fashion, the sore feet and the friendships that were made, I will write about it in a series e.g, Part One, Part Two etc. This allows me to share as much as I can with everyone :)

Part One would not be part one without talking about my favourite; fashion! The fashion, style, attire, headpieces, heels and accessories worn by the 65 Roses was nothing short of amazing. 65 women from all over the world sharing their favourite pieces and portraying their style was refreshing to see and be a part of. I loved getting up every morning to see what the style would be like that day and what colours our Rose family would don today!

Third from right- Pink dress borrowed from my sister. From Willow, Ennis.
far right- Ted Baker borrowed from my sister

Right- Royal Blur dress sponsored by Carraig Donn

Each day we were to dress as if we were going to a wedding. Each day was jam packed with appearances, social events, dinners, visits to different counties as well as major tourist attractions. This meant that a lot of eyes would be on us as well as cameras so comfort was key!

Casual/semi-formal day dresses were suitable as well as jumpsuits, skirts and tops and the occasional pair of culottes.  In the evenings, there was an option to change outfit if, for example, we were attending a dinner, a launch night at Arnotts for Tipperary Crystal or attending a selection night in the Dome.
This meant packing a suitcase (yes one!) with up to 25 dresses to cover each day and most evenings. Sounds unbelievable at first and the first thing that may come to your mind is 'That is so expensive' or 'how did you afford that many dresses?'. The answer to this is I did not have to go out and buy 25 dresses. In fact, the totality of my dress buying came to around 8 and I kept it to a budget of 30-35 euro per dress. The rest? Beg, borrow and steal! Maybe not the stealing part but borrowing from friends and family and being sponsored by very generous and supportive businesses. My sponsors were Carraig Donn in Ennis, Klassy Dress Hire and Sales in Tulla, Corrib Oil in Galway, Murphy's Pharmacy in Ennis and my lovely friends and family!
Right- floral dress sponsored by Carraig Donn
Baby Blue Ted Baker from Kildare Village. €50 sponsored by a group of family friends
Second from right- Sponsored by Carraig Donn

One thing that stood out was individuality and how each Rose managed to look unique everyday. This was great to see and made me feel very comfortable in what I was wearing as it was different and I could put my own stamp on an item of clothing and accessorise.

Right- White dress from Willow, Ennis. Purchased with voucher and my own money.

Left- Gold/champagne dress sponsored by Carraig Donn

Left- Black ballgown sponsored by Klassy Dress Hire and Sales, Co. Clare


My onstage dress was kindly sponsored and hand made by Natalie King, owner of Natalie King Designs who is a very talented fashion designer based on Co. Clare.
 When I first met with Natalie I had a clear vision as to what type of dress I wanted for my onstage interview. She listened to everything I said and made the most stunning dress for me;

She used suede and silk to create this bespoke dress that I am in love with. The belt was a last minute addition by my room mate Sarah, the Washington D.C. Rose. I had been searching for a belt for weeks and when I could not find one I gave up and decided to go without. Then, a few days into our trip, Sarah pulls out this belt and says 'I really don't know why I brought this belt. I have nothing to go with it'. The rest is history!

I hope you enjoyed this post and look forward to the next Part. I will include more photographs at the end of this post to show you all the amazing style.

Thank you for reading,
Leah x

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