Thursday, 21 January 2016

SKIN - Surviving a Breakout

Hi everyone,

After a short break from blogging over the Christmas period, I am back and ready to start again! I have lots of new ideas that I am currently working on and excited to share with you all :)
I am also working on Article 3 for my Love From Magazine which is due out in March-busy busy!

You may remember my SKIN blog that I wrote a few weeks ago. This was a very popular post and I received great feedback so thank you all for your support :)
Today I come to you with a blog about breakouts, skincare and what to do when suffering what seems to be the worst breakout ever! After suffering a really bad breakout about 2 weeks ago now, I am just about over it (yes it was a bad one) and want to share my tips, tricks and remedies that helped me. Hopefully this will help some of you if you are in a similar situation or just want to be prepared!

Mine started with when I woke up one morning and could literally feel the spots starting to develop. Around my chin and up the right cheek is where I am prone to really bad sores-mountains as some people call them. For about a week after that, I completely flared up. However, after this rough period and through the use of the following tips, my breakout calmed down and the spots started to subside.

My top tips:

1) Drinking more water. I am very bad for this and decided it would be one of my New Years Resolutions. Drinking between 1 and 2 liters a day helps to flush out toxins from the body and keep skin hydrated.

2) Changing my linen, I use a fresh clean towel to dry my face and change it after two days. Please make sure you are not using the same towel to dry your face that also dries your hair!!This is so important. Also, I changed my pillow slips and bed covers as dust, dirt and germs build up quickly. These can rub off your skin for long periods and have negative effects on your skin.

3) Closing you pores! After you shower or wash your face with hot water, your pores are opened up. this is great when you are cleaning as you can remove oils, dirt and sebum from them. However, forgetting to close them up can totally undo all the good work you have just done and allow the dirt right back in and create breakouts again! To prevent this, simply splash cold water over your pores to close them and keep out any of the bad stuff!

4) Sudocrem. The Holy Grail product in my opinion. Sudocrem is the best at home treatment for spots and sores that I have ever used. Simply apply a thin layer of it over your affected area overnight and let it work its magic! Now, it will not make your spots disappear by any means but it will sooth them and bring down the inflammation which will get rid of that painful feeling you experience when you touch off the spots. It needs to be used consistently in order to work properly so don't use it for one night and expect them to be treated-consistency is key :)

5) Don't cake yourself! Naturally, you will want to cover up these pests and pretend like they aren't there but sometimes this can make the problem worse. Apply a normal amount of foundation/powder/concealer and then touch up during the day when it is needed. Please do not cake the affected areas with product as they will clog pores and prevent the healing process! Let the skin breathe-you will be happier in the long run

6) Stick to your skincare routine. During a breakout, it is vital that you stick to a consistent skin care routine every morning and night to keep the skin clean and healthy. Find a routine that suits your skin and does not irritate or inflame the skin. Products that I would recommend are:

  • Proactiv Skincare system (My personal favourite)

  • Clinique Anti Blemish Solutions

  • Clinique 3 Step skincare system

  • Tea Tree & Witchazel Products (available in Boots-products starting from just €4.99)

Ant there you have it! My favourite tips and products to use during a breakout that genuinely work. Fresh from a breakout only a few weeks ago, I can honestly say that by following these steps and, it cleared up! The key is to be consistent. A breakout will not go away overnight so you must be patient and give your skin a chance to heal. 

Wishing you all a great weekend,
Leah xx

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