Monday, 16 November 2015

Writing Article 2

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all well and enjoying this Autumn/Winter season, my favourite :)

During the week, I began to put the finishing touches to my second article for Love From Mag. This magazine is a quarterly lifestyle magazine in the UK set up and ran by Florence Matthews.
There are many writers for the magazine, each covering a different topic that is current and popular in today's world.

 I am the permanent fashion columnist for this magazine and still find it hard to believe that I have this little job! :)  It is amazing experience and allows me to share my fashion tips, ideas and looks with so many people! A dream job one could say ;)
The next issue is due out in December and covers issues related to Christmas, New Years and up to and including Valentine's Day.
I began to look for inspiration weeks ago and new that I wanted to do something to do with New Years and how to add in some sparkle or sequins to your outfit without looking like a disco ball! Instead of just talking about clothes, I also discussed subtle ways to accessorise with jewellery and hair pieces.

There are such simple things you can do to achieve a NY look and doesn't require you dipping yourself in glitter or buying a new expensive dress.
I began to look in River Island, Penneys and other shops for inspiration and there is so much out there you just need to look! Sequinned skirts are popular as you can pair them with black tights and boots for cold nights out or bare-legged for the brave ones ;)

Of course, if you do not want to add sparkle to your outfit, you can do simple things like adding a glittering hair piece or sequinned pumps or even a shimmery eye shadow or eye liner!
 I do not want to give everything away but as soon as I get my hands on my own copy, I will post a picture of the spread to share with you all!
Short and sweet for today but thank you all for reading!
Leah xx

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