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Hello everyone!

I hope that as you read this you are well and enjoying this beautiful Autumn/Winter season! I hope you are looking forward to Christmas and all its festivities! It is definitely my favourite time of year. Warm, cosy fires in the evenings, catching up with friends and family as well as lots of food, what's not to love?
Anyway, today I come to you with a blog post all about skincare! I posted a picture on my Instagram during the week asking you guys if you would be interested in a blog about skincare and it was very popular. My most liked picture so far in fact!

Skin is a sensitive subject with me. Since I was about 14, I have had trouble with my skin and it still has not subsided, 7 years later!
Throughout this time, I have tried and tested countless products, taken medication and tried different home remedies to try and get the 'perfect' skin that I always wanted. However, one thing that I have learned after all this time is that there is no such thing as 'perfect' skin and that no amount of face creams, spot creams or toothpaste will create this! Often, these products can worsen your skin and make breakouts last longer.
 Your skin is your skin. Your genes affect it and this is something that you cannot change but you can work with it and learn ways in which to achieve a look you are happy with.

I am going to share pictures with you of my skin afew months back when it was at the worst it has been in afew years. I took the pictures so that I could see if the products that I was using were making a difference. I didn't think I would ever show these pictures to anyone but I want to show you that the skin care products that I use and the little tips and tricks that I always remember to do, have transformed my skin and help to keep it healthy everyday.
April of this year: (excuse the wet hair I had just gotten out of the shower :P)

As you can see, the areas affected were mainly my chin, cheeks and around the lips. Breakouts like this happened very often for me. My skin remained this way for weeks and nothing I was doing was helping.
The spots I get and have always gotten, are very sore ones that I can feel starting just days before they appear. It is horrible when you feel this and can't do anything but let them appear and have their moment! haha
When I am in the middle of a breakout, I make sure to stick to my skincare routine and add an overnight lotion like the Tea Tree and Witchhazel Overnight Gel which will target the effected area and prevent further breakouts. I drink more water and clean my makeup brushes. Usually after 4 days, the spots begin to calm down and the soreness goes away.
The purpose of me showing this picture is to prove that there are products you can use and things you can do to help your skin if you suffer acne or are prone to bad breakouts like me.

My current skincare routine consists of three products that literally transformed my skin within weeks and has maintained it ever since, It is the Proactiv range of products which is the best-selling skincare range in the US. It contains an ingredient, salycilic acid, which targets the breakouts. The system is made up of a facewash scrub, toner and moisturizer, one for day and one for night. I stick to this system everyday and I have never been happier with my skin. I highly, highly recommend this system to anyone on the lookout for something to help their skin. It retails for about €40 for the whole kit and lasts me usually for three months. It is by far the best skincare system I have ever used.

Other products that I would recommend from experience:

  • Sudocrem 
  • Clinique 3 Step Skincare System
  • Tea Tree and Witch Hazel collection (they have an excellent scrub and overnight gel)
  • Tea Tree and Witch Hazel spot wand
  • Neutrogena 4 Hour Spot gel (this does not get rid of the spot but dries it out and begins the healing process)
  • A lemon slice (rub all over the face)

Here is a makeup-free picture of me in October of this year after using Proactiv since March and also a picture with makeup.

Much more happier and comfortable with my skin!

Now for my top ten tips and tricks to help you and some things  you probably do that you may not realise are affecting your skin:
(I am not a skin expert. These are just little tips that I have learned and used over the years that I find help my skin. They may be of use to somebody and that is why I am sharing my favourite tips)

  1. Clean your makeup brushes regularly. This needs to be done properly!
  2. Change your pillow sleeps every week. Even if you do not change all of your bed sheets, make sure to change these as dead skin, dust and dirt gather here quickly.
  3. After a hot shower, your pores are opened. This makes them vulnerable to dirt and grime gathering in them. Therefore, you should splash some cold water over your face soon after a shower to close them again.
  4. Change your face towel/face cloth every 3-4 days. 
  5. Remove your makeup every night, properly! Using a cleanser or face wash is essential to remover makeup each night and to let your skin breath.
  6. Switch toothpaste for Sudocrem. Not for your teeth, but for spots. This is my go to product for new breakouts. It soothes the spot and surrounding areas 
  7. Slicing a lemon and rubbing it across your face is an excellent natural remedy for sore skin and breakouts. Leave it soak in for 10 minutes and then wash it off. (1-2 times a week)
  8. Drink more water! (obvious but I am still guilty of not drinking enough!)
  9. If you are using several lotions and creams in a bid to get rid of breakouts or acne but they are not working, stop! chances are that you are irritating the skin even more with all of the ingredients. Think about what type of skin you have and what best suits it. Try to limit the products to a facewash, toner and moisturiser and perhaps an overnight gel or cream if you are suffering a breakout.
  10. Give your skin a break every now and again. By 'a break' I mean do not put any makeup on and let the skin breathe and recover. Continue to clean it everyday, but avoid makeup and other products at least twice a week.
I really hope these tips are of use to some people and that you give them a try. For so long I was covering my skin in so many products everyday and constantly touching and popping spots. This did absolutely nothing for me and irritated my skin even more which, at the time, I did not understand. But now, although my skin isn't perfect and never will be, I am much more happier and comfortable with and know that what I use on my face is helping it.

Thank you so much for reading, this was a very personal post and one that touches home with alot of people I know. Our skin can affect confidence levels and self-esteem but know that you are unique and so is your skin. Learn to love it and to take care of it <3.

I would love to hear what products you all love for your face and skin so please leave a comment here or you can e-mail me and let me know.

Lots of love,
Leah xx


  1. Great post, well done. Beautiful pics xx

  2. Love this post! Definitely going to invest in the Proactiv kit!!x