Friday, 25 September 2015

Bigger, Brighter Eyes in the Morning

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Happy Friday! Hoping you all have a great weekend whatever you may be doing :)
Today I am writing a post about achieving bigger, brighter eyes in the morning with products that are super affordable and available in Boots, Superdrug or your local pharmacy.

Early mornings are something I am all too familiar with (sad face) whether it's getting up at 6.30 am for work at the weekends or 7.30 am during the week for college and school I am very familiar with dark circles and tired eyes! Sometimes it's awful and those bags under your eyes look like they aren't budging.
Have no fear! I have learned a few tips and tricks along the way that save me and have me looking awake and fresh in minutes!

Here are afew of my 'life hacks' or life savers as you may say;)


Without a doubt, mascara is your best friend when it comes to making your eyes look big, bright awake. Without it I sometimes feel my eyes look tiny and even tired, so I always make sure that in the mornings I have time to put on mascara as it helps open the eyes.
Top tip: When you have applied a coat of mascara, let it dry for about a minute so that it is semi dry on the lashes. Then using your index finger, press the tips of your lashes as if you are curling them with your finger. Then let them dry completely. Your lashes look longer, curlier and your eyes will look much more awake!
My favourites:

NYC Big Bold Mascara                                                 Rimmel Scandal'Eyes Mascara
                                                                                        (€6.99 on offer)

White Eyeliner:

Something that I have only come to use in the last few weeks is white eyeliner, an absolute gem! Lining the lower rim with white eyeliner will instantly give your eyes a lift and make them look bigger. I purchased this one form NYC in a local pharmacy for just €1.49! You can't go wrong with this price especially if it helping you look fresher in the mornings ;) I love this eyeliner and use it for the bigger, brighter eye look:

Cream highlighter:

I initially bought this Barry M Radiant Rod highlighter to use in the usual highlighting areas- cupid's bow, cheekbones, along the nose- but I quickly realised that this would be a life saver in the mornings when I wanted to look more awake. I simply use the crayon-styled product and put it on the inner corner of my eyes and slightly underneath the bottom lash lines. It takes about 20 seconds and you instantly have brighter eyes. You may top it up during the depending on whether or not you need to but this is a cream-based product and so it may wear away throughout the day. This cost around €6 but they have similar ones from Rimmel and Maybelline.
If you see Blake Lively as Serena in Gossip Girl, you'll notice that she always has an inner corner highlight as part of her makeup look. I love it and if it helps me look awake in the mornings then yes please!

A very natural looking highlight

Light shimmery eyeshadow:

This may seem standard but I wanted to include it anyways for those who do not wear eyeshadow during the day. A quick sweep of a light shimmery eyeshadow all across your eyelid can add to your 'bright eye' look in a subtle yer effective way. I tend to use my Seventeen Shimmer Brick as an eyeshadow lately:

I use the top two shades for my eyes even though this is a bronzing palette! Works wonders :)

Other Tips:

Aside using products on your eyes, always make sure to take off you eye makeup at night time. If you leave mascara, eyeliner or eyeshadow on overnight, it can be an absolute nightmare to remove the next morning. This can also leave you with dark makeup stains underneath your eyes which make make dark circles more noticeable or create ones that aren't even there at all!

Drinking lots of water everyday helps with our eyes and keeps them hydrated (advice I received from an optician years ago). Getting the right amount of sleep is an obvious one but sometimes it just isn't manageable with work/college/social lives ;)

Also, try to limit the amount of time you spend looking at screens (phones, TV, iPads etc)  late at night before you go to sleep (guilty!)

There you have it! These are the things I do in the mornings to help me look more awake and fresh. I hope this helps some of you early risers out there ;)
Thank you for reading,
Leah x 

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