Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Product Reviews

Hello Everyone!

Today I am going to review some beauty products that I have been trying out and using for the past couple of weeks. As a blogger, you get the opportunity to try out new products and to give your honest opinion on new things.
Today I am reviewing BB creams, face primers and make up bases! I am going to show you the products I love and that I think are worth a try as well as some that are not worth the money and that left me very disappointed!

First up:

The Seventeen Blemish Balm in 'Medium'
This is an excellent product and one of the best BB creams that I have tried. I purchased it for around €6.30 in Boots on a whim as it was on offer and wanted to try something new. I was so impressed!

I apply it with a foundation brush and it blends in very easily to the skin and does not come out patchy at all. Once it sets on the skin, you can barely feel it! It is lightweight and makes you feel as if you haven't any makeup on at all which is wonderful during the Summer as the humid weather can sometimes make your makeup feel heavy and muggy. Therefore, a BB cream is your best friend! It is available in Light and Medium. I went for the Medium and it isn't too dark, even for me as I have fair skin.
It's a thumbs up from me!
Rating: 9/10

Next Up:

The No.7 Beautifully Matte Make-Up Base.

Unfortunately, this product did not impress me at all and was a complete waste of money! I bought this in Boots for around €17 and I regret it so much. Spending that kind of money on a makeup base is rare for me as I like to stick to more purse-friendly products but I decided to treat myself one day, I really shouldn't have.
I applied this product to my face after moisturising and before my foundation. Guys, it was like chalk on my face, horrible! The texture of it became really rough and gritty on my skin and did not blend into my skin at all. Once I applied some foundation over it, it immediately made my skin look flaky and scaly, as if my skin was peeling! I was so shocked and thought that I applied it wrong so I tried it again the next day and the same thing happened! Such a disappointment as No7 is such a famous brand with some great products. Not this one unfortunately :( Wishing I could get my money back)

Rating: 2/10

Next Up:

Rimmel London Fix and Perfect Primer

After my disastrous experience with the No7 primer, I went and bought one from Rimmel a few weeks laterto try anthat I hadn't tried before. It was €8.99 in a local pharmacy but available from all Rimmel makeup stands.

I am very impressed with this primer and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a cheap primer that is good quality and actually works! It glides onto the skin smoothly and leaves a velvety finish to the skin which I love and so your skin is left soft and feeling hydrated. I usually wait a few minutes to apply foundation so the primer has time to set in and dry.
Overall a great product and foundation stays put all day!

Rating: 8/10


Botanics Radiance Balm

I almost felt like I had to try this balm recently as so many bloggers had been raving about it on their blogs, Instagram and Snapchat!
I bought this balm in Boots for €4 afew weeks back and love using it!
I understand why it is getting such great coverage recently and am going to add to that praise!
This is a lotion you apply to your face before the rest of your face makeup to add a brightening effect to the skin. It is great for tired, dull skin which we all suffer from occasionally (hello 7.30am starts at work! ) to perk it up a bit and add a subtle glow. Don't worry about it making your face shiny or greasy looking as that isn't the case at all. Apply a pea sized amount to the skin for the perfect brightening effect!

Rating: 9/10

And there you go! Hopefully you have found some inspiration for some new face primers, BB's and lotions that you are interested to try out.
Thank you so much for reading,
Leah x 


  1. OOh great post, think I'll have to try out the seventeen bb cream, I'm loving that brand at the moment! Xx

    1. It's amazing! Well worth a try, especially if you're loving the brand too as this is jut another great product from them! I'm thinking of trying out that new highlighter you mentioned in your July Favourites too :) xx