Friday, 10 July 2015

Product Review-Gradual Tan Lotion

Hi everyone!

Today's blog post is a product review and rave! I have been trying and testing a lot of products in the last few weeks and have come to love a few (and some, not so much!).
As a beauty and fashion blogger I love to find little gems to share with you guys and love it when I find something a-ma-zing that is also affordable for those on a budget, like myself ;)

Today, I bring to you a gradual tan lotion that leaves your skin with a natural, glowing tan after just one use!

Sunkissed Gradual Lotion
Penneys: €4

Love, love, love this tan! It is very easy to apply, creamy and smooth and has a nice scent, shea butter :)
It has a thick consistency so a little goes along way!

I apply this after a shower usually and put on one even layer and honestly, that is enough to start with. The first time I used it, I applied one layer Monday morning and noticed results within 24 hours! I then topped it up two days later and two days after that again and the colour did not budge! What a beauty! 

Here is a picture of my legs, having applied the first layer four days before hand:

Not a bad colour for someone who is usually white as a ghost ! haha
Perfect for these Summer days and nights where you want to throw on shorts or a skirt and not think 'oh no I've no tan!'. This is your answer! And at just €4 from Penneys, it's a bargain!

Make sure to apply an even layer of the lotion when you use it. Because it is a gradual lotion, you can't see any colour when applying, just like using a moisturiser. So be sure and be even ;)

Wash your hands after you are finished applying! I made this mistake when I first tested the lotion in the shop. I rubbed it on the top of my hand to see what it was like and had a massive brown patch on my hand the following day that didn't wear away easily! haha

Don't forget to cover your feet and toes evenly as well as messy application will leave your feet looking a bit strange ;)

And there you have it! An excellent tanning product that I would recommend to anyone!

Thanks for reading everyone,
Leah xx

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