Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Modelling Oppurtunities in Ireland

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all keeping well and having a great summer so far.
Weather isn't the greatest at the moment but nothing we aren't used to ;)

As you may remember from a few weeks back, I travelled to Dublin to the Woman's World 2015 exhibition in Dublin where I met and worked with Suzzie D Model Management Company and joined them back stage at their fashion show, which was amazing! You can read that post here: http://styleah.blogspot.ie/2015/06/woman-world-exhibition-2015.html

Anyways, I mentioned in that blog post that there would be future oppurtunities for new people to join the modelling company and that Suzzie and her team would be hiring very soon. Well, that time has come! If you have ever been interested in modelling and feel the time is right to take the next step, then this is your chance!

The first ever Commercial Casting calls for this company are going to be taking place around the country starting this weekend and I have all of the details for your right here:

This Saturday, 11th July, marks the first day of auditions in the George Boutique Hotel, Shannon Street, Limerick at 10am.

Suzzie and her team are looking for people of different walks of life, ages, sizes and ethnic backgrounds to attend this event.
If you are interested in this wondeful oppurtunity, please register via e-mail to info@suzziedmodelmanagement.com .
p.s If you are under 18 years, you must be accompanied by a parent or guardian or bring a consent letter with you on the day.

Best of luck to everyone who will be attending the event this Saturday, and for those undecided about trying out, go for it!You never know, you may become the next Kendall or Cara ;)

Thanks for reading guys,
Leah xx

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