Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Summer Holidays-Outfit Roundup

Hi Everyone!
I hope the Summer is treating ye all well so far and that you are enjoying the sun somehow ;) As I posted lastweek, I was on holidays in Faro for a week and returned late Friday night. 
It was a birthday gift for my 21st so I was completely shocked and delighted at the opportunity and couldn't wait to get there :D 
The weather was just spectacular! Clear skies and hot days from beginning to end!
I have decided to blog about some of my outfits that I wore over there in order to let ye guys know what is out there at the moment for the Summer and if you are travelling to a warm country and climate like Portugal. I did not take pictures of each outfit but enough to post about! 
I will be doing a blog during the week also about the items that I found essential on the holiday and also the items that I brought that I didn't actually need which may help some of you when it comes to packing for your hols and saving some space ;)

 Day one: Striped midi dress from Penneys at €12 and strappy sandals for €6. I posted this on my Instagram  during the week, some of you may have seen it. It was a beach day and so this dress was perfect and easy to slip on and off. I wore my blue and pink bikini underneath that I featured in a post last week.
I love this dress and feel it is really versatile in that you can easily put a denim jacket on over it, with some cute pumps and there you have another outfit for somewhere other than the beach!

This was an outfit I wore when we went travelling to another village near Faro. This gypsy top is €6 from Penneys and jean shorts €7. It was the perfect outfit for the hot climate and allowed my tummy to get a bit of a tan ;) again I am wearing the same sandals as above.

This cream lace playsuit is €9 from penneys and was the perfect overall for strolling along the beach and for going to restaurants nearby. It was easy to get on and off and really comfortable and I would recommend something like this if you are going on a beach holiday!
The neon pink bikini was featured in my last blog post from last week!

This was my favourite outfit by far and is one that I featured on Instagram during he week also. The yellow skirt is from Stradivarius and was €15.95. I purchased it in Portigal but is available online. There were so many colours to choose from but yellow just stood out to me and is definitely a must have colour for the summer!the black crop top is from Bershka and was €5.99. Because it was so cheap I also bought it in white ;) I feel as if these will go with a lot and I will be able to create a lot of outfits with them whether they are teamed with skirts, jeans, shorts or even under a sheer top. An investment if you ask me ;)

That's it for now everyone. I hope this has inspired some of you for future holidays and outfits :)
Don't forget to check back soon for my post about holiday must haves and things you really won't need ;)

Thanks for reading, 
Leah xx

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