Sunday, 17 May 2015

Penneys Bikinis

Hi everyone! 
Hope everybody is enjoying their summer so far and that exams, placements and college are almost over so that you can start to enjoy yourself! 
I finished up college on Friday so am now officially on Summer holidays yay! :)
Bikini season is upon us and so I felt it was appropriate to kick start the summer blog posts with some of my favourites that I've seen and purchased recently :)
I am going on holidays this evening and ofcourse have left packing until the last minute! I'll be going to Faro, Poetugal where the weather is really warm so I did buy afew bikinis for this trip and also for the rest of Summer:)

This first one is a beautiful two piece from Penneys at just €5!! I couldn't resist! I love the colours and the pop of coral which is really cute for summer.
The straps are adjustable and the top can be worn strapless to avoid those tan lines.
The second one which I bought is bright coral and I absolutely love it! I also found that I can mix and match the items with the bikini above as they have the same coral colour. Woo hoo two more bikinis for free ;)

This two piece was €8 and again the straps can be removed from the top to make it strapless. 
Loving this colour for summer :)
The third bikini I picked up last week from Penneys is this lovely two piece with floral detailing and a very cute top with a layered effect:
This is so chic and very different from the other ones I have so I feel there is a good mix styles :) the cris-cross detail at the back is something that caught my eye too. Top: €7 Bottoms: €5.

I do find that with bikinis from penneys that they are a small fit as so I opted for a size above what I normally am for comfort. 
Primark also posted this picture on Instagram last night of a new bikini they have which I need to get my hands on! 
To me this does not look like Penneys at all and is only €12 altogether :) 

Hopefully this has inspired some of you to start updating the summer wardrobes and brightening up your beach attire :) 
You need not look further than good old Penneys to sort out your bikini situation!
Have a great Sunday!
Leah xx

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