Monday, 2 February 2015

Beauty and the Budget

All Fashion Lovers,

Welcome to my new fashion and beauty blog, Styleah! I have always wanted to start a blog and so I felt like there was no time like the present! I am a fashion lover and adore all things fashion and beauty related. I am currently attending college in Ireland, therefore, I am faced with a student budget and have been for a few years now. However, I do not let this stop me when it comes to fashion, clothes and keeping up with the latest trends! This blog will have a focus the wonderful world of 'Beauty and Fashion on a budget!' as well as sharing tips and tricks of fashion and beauty that I have learned along the way as well as new ones too!
 It is something that I feel that I have a lot of experience with and would love to share my ideas and thoughts with all of you as well as learning from other people!
I hope that this blog helps and inspires some of you and proves to everyone that 'you're a student, you can't afford it' is a phrase no longer valid when it comes to students, fashion and a budget!
Click on the 'Beauty', 'Fashion' or 'Accessories' pages on the top bar for regular updates or to have a nose around ;)
I'll keep it short and sweet for now and cannot wait to start blogging!
Thank you so much for stopping by and come again soon :)

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